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Apply vinyl or layers of paint?

When you’re trying to decide between vinyl and paint, the first question to ask is: How long can you be without your vehicle? This is no small thing if it’s your only transportation. Will you have to rent a car if the vehicle is in the shop for too long? Wraps and paint are applied to vehicles in very different ways, which affect the amount of time you’ll be without your ride. Paint jobs come in a wide variety of quality and price ranges, but three things are constant:

The old paint will need to be removed, which takes time.
Each coat of new paint will need to dry for 8 hours or so.
All paint jobs require multiple coats.
Some paint jobs cost less because they use fewer coats, but prep and drying processes still add to the amount of time you’ll be without your vehicle. If the paint shop isn’t busy, you may have your vehicle back in 3-5 days for a low-cost paint job, but 1 to 3 three weeks is more common for the average paint job.
Wraps take far less time to apply than paint. Once your design is finalized, it’s usually a 3-day maximum for installation. All we have to do is wash the car, dry it, and start applying vinyl.

Light & Modern Wrap

Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film. This dual-layer film combines colour, texture, and clear protective layers, providing a smooth, paint-like finish that’s both durable and dazzling.

Removing vinyl vs paint

One of the best qualities of vinyl is that it can be removed without damaging the paint beneath. This also means the paint that’s exposed when the vinyl is removed will look as bright as the day it was wrapped, having been protected from the elements.

On the other hand, paint is permanent, short of sanding it off. When you paint, you’re stuck with the vehicle’s appearance until you invest a significant amount of money in removing it. If your vehicle is painted with company graphics, you’ll have a tough time selling it for what it’s worth, and furthermore, do you really want a stranger driving a vehicle that has your logo on the side?

Other advantages of having your vehicle wrapped

Vehicle wraps are a relatively straightforward method of advertising. You can add images, lettering, and other information to a laminate, and then apply it to the vehicle.

It is a tricky process because it not only needs to look good when it is done, it has to be done in a way that the wrap will continue to look good despite changes in the weather and temperature.

If your business requires at least a few service vehicles, wrapping can help with brand recognition while helping customers know when your representatives have arrived.

Wraps can be applied to cars, large trucks, vans, or even boats.

Easy to Change

When you have wrapped vehicles, you don’t need to buy a new vehicle or fleet. You can simply have the wrapper removed and a new one applied when you want to change the advertising.

This provides a fresh look for your vehicles while keeping your advertising looking current. It also makes it easier to try out different wrappers to see which one seems to attract the most attention and response from consumers.

Hard to Miss

Vehicles that have writing or images on them always attract attention.

With most vehicles being fairly plain, the human eye is attracted to anything that is different. This is one reason it is so important to have a professionally wrapped vehicle.

Active Advertising

Too many of the remaining types of effective advertising are entirely passive. Having a fantastic web presence is not going to do you much good if you cannot reach a large number of people.

Websites and social media posts rely on people knowing that a company or product exists before it can draw attention. Your wrapped vehicles can be the impetus to get potential customers to go to those sites.

The fact that it is so unobtrusive is what will increase the likelihood that people will take an interest, but it is still very much an active method of advertising and getting your name out there.

More Cost-Effective Advertising

Many companies have been trying to reach a wider audience through mailers and fliers. The problem with these forms of advertising is that the potential customer may not be receptive to receiving junk mail, so these are barely noticed before ending up in the trash.

Commercials and online advertising can be just as problematic because people will either try to skip them or will mute their devices while they are playing.

They still need to be refreshed, reposted, and revised periodically, but the ROI on them does not tend to be high since people are more annoyed at being forced to deal with listening to the advertisements for a product they don’t need.

By comparison, the consumer-friendly wrapped vehicle is viewed as more positive.

People may not be interested in seeing it the first or second time; however, the next time they see the vehicle, they may be considering a service or product, and the vehicle reminds them. This can bring people to your website without costing you any extra for the repeated exposure.

Staying Local

An increasing number of consumers prefer using more personal and local companies for their services and products.

While there are still plenty of large companies that are doing well, people are switching more to local businesses when it is easier and the cost is comparable.

This is certainly true with service industries.

For local businesses, wrapped vehicles provide that personal touch, letting potential clients know that you are local.

You reach the largest possible audience by having a wrapped vehicle. It also leaves a more favorable impression because they will see that you are local and are more likely to contact you.

Additional Protection

Not all of the benefits are related to the attention you will attract – some of the benefits are about the vehicles themselves.

The lamination of the wrapping will actually work as a layer of protection for your vehicle. Scratches and nicks will be stopped by the cover.

They Are Entirely Yours

One of the problems with traditional advertising, especially billboards and printed media, is that the space you purchase one day can be used by a competitor as soon as your contract has expired.

If you wrap your vehicles, you are limited only by the size and number of your vehicles.

You have complete control over the look and size of the advertising. Of course, no competitor is going to take over your vehicle either.

Advertising Without Effort

Even if you don’t drive a vehicle for a day, or if it is parked at a customer’s facility or residence for hours, your company is still getting exposure.

It is potentially more effective than while the car is in motion too because people are more likely to see it when they can search more about your business.

If someone parks their vehicle nears yours, sees your wrapped car, and needs the same product or service, they will be able to pull out their phone and do a little research while walking to their destination. They can just even take a picture to remind themselves later to look into it.

A vehicle wrap is better than billboards because your vehicles can drive all around town and get the attention of potential customers.